1. Dean B · August 29

    They all look fab! Love anything upcycled 🙂

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    • motherfoxof3 · August 29

      wow thank you i have just got my 1st feedback from a buyer Fab thank you. Well wrapped & fast delivery 🌼

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  2. MELANIE EDJOURIAN · August 29

    Wow that’s a lot of jewellery. It all looks great.

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  3. Ana De Jesus · August 30

    My favourite would have to be the bracelet with the dangling bow it is gorgeous!

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  4. Kara AWNTY · August 30

    These are so pretty, eliza would adore them


  5. claire · August 30

    Oh wow, you have made some beautiful jewellery here. So many caught my eye,so pretty 🙂

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    • motherfoxof3 · August 30

      thank you so much it means alot i wasn’t sure if anyone would like them 🙂


  6. fashionandstylepolice · August 30

    I love the bracelet with the bow. It is a beauty.

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  7. Jayne SMABL · August 30

    Oh these are all lovely, well done you!
    The fairy bracelet is awesome 🙂

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  8. Rachel · August 30

    These are amazing, well done you, so talented x

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  9. Some beautiful pieces here – what a lovely hobby to have and a developing talent I think 🙂

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  10. Alina · August 30

    You’re very talented. It’s great to see the handmade items coming back into trend, they’re lovely and unique and I’m a big fan of the giftable ones for others, like for sisters. Great models too 😉

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  11. Lyndsay-Rose · August 30

    These are lovely. Esp the bear and bow bracelet

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  12. alanaperrin · August 31

    Wow you’ve been busy! These are very pretty.
    Alana x

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  13. Mother And Malamute · September 4

    Love these!! can i ask where you sell also please? we set up our etsy shop today and still a little unsure x x

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  14. Mother And Malamute · September 4

    They all look fab! we are not sure if etsy is right for us yet due to fees ect and unsure on what we should be charging per item but we have lots of fun making jewellery together just wish selling was easier hahah

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