Shopping using only £9 Tesco voucher and 1 penny

I manage to get all this for 1p using my Tesco club card vouchers £5 and £4!


10467117_10152381607983585_9044612966243655745_o 10514182_10152381608153585_4494693625131999139_o

Here is this list of items i got
1 x cornflakes
2 x cola
2 x tin potatoes
1 x macaroni cheese
1 x tomato soup
1 x mixed fruit jam
1 x ravioli
1 x spaghetti hoops
1 x mousse
1 x pasta sauce
2 x spag bolognese
1 x irish stew
1 x spaghetti
1 x mash
1 x tea bags
1 x pitta
1 x bourbon creams
1 x fruit squash
1 x yorkshire puddings
1 x tomato purée
1 x rich tea biscuits
1 x veg soup
1 x stuffing mix
1 x chicken and veg soup
1 x bread
2 x peaches
1 x crisps


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